Medicine filling machine is used to fill the medicine in the bottles for oral liquid.We use Kinco ED series servo and HMI in this application to achieve high accuracy filling.

Process Principle

When the sensor detected the medicine bottles coming, then the jets will insert into the bottles and the jet servo will follow the speed of the feeding motor.At the same time, the filling motor will follow the jet servo to fill the medicine into the bottles. 
• Utilize the advantage of the following function of ED servo.Connect the encoder of feeding motor to the “Master encoder” interface of jet servo driver,t hen the servo will follow the speed of the encoder of feeding motor.With the same principle, connect the “Encoder out” interface to the “Master encoder” interface of filling servo driver. 
• Utilize the homing method of ED servo to make the plunger pumps at the same altitude. 
• Utilize the signal of detecting the bottles to trigger the sequence of ED servo to start the following function. 
• Use Kinco HMI to communicate with PLC and ED SERVO.Then we can modify the parameters of ED servo and control servo and PLC.

Following is Process Flow Diagram



Name Model Amount
Servo Driver ED430-0020-LA-K 12
Servo Motor SMH 60S-0020-30AAK-3LKL 12
Servo Driver ED430-0075-LA-K 1
Servo Motor SMH 60S-0075-30AAK-3LKL 1
HMI MT4500T 1
PLC Customer Self-Selection 1


1.Excellent Following Function of ED Servo.ED Servo Support up to 2MHz Response Frequency. 
2.Internal Sequence Function of ED Servo.It can Program the Motion Curve in the Internal Sequence of ED Servo.And then PLC Only Need to Use some Digital Outputs to Call the Sequence. 
3.HMI Communicate with ED Servo Directly.It can Control ED Servo, Set the Parameters and Monitor the Servo Status.