Rotary screen printing machine is the main printing equipment in spinning printing and dyeing industry.According to type of drive, it falls into two types, mechanical entire drive rotary screen printing machine and separate drive rotary screen printing machine.This application is used in separate drive rotary screen printing machine.Generally rotary screen printing machine consists of feeding unit,printing  unit, oast unit and doffing unit.Therein the printing unit is the core part in the whole machine.Kinco’s application is used to control the printing unit.

Process Principle

The grey cloth is sent to the conveyor belt through feeding unit.The grey cloth is pasted on the conveyor belt tightly because of the special glue on the conveyor belt.Therefore, the grey cloth can move by following the conveyor belt tightly.Then the grey cloth will pass through printing units.The silk screen, which is carved with patterns and dyes in it, will print the patterns on the grey cloth to form a whole picture.In the process, every rotary screen must be assured to at the same phase.That is to say, every rotary screen and the conveyor belt must achieve high accuracy synchronization control.Or it will appear such errors as cloth broken, screen broken and mistake patterns.

The work principle as following figure:


Kinco Control System


Name Model Amount
PLC Kinco PLC 1
Servo Driver ED400-0126 14
Servo Motor 110D-0126-20AAK 14
Gear Box Customer self-selection 14
HMI MT4500T 1
Encoder Customer self-selection 1


1.Excellent following function of ED servo.ED servo support up to 2MHz response frequency.It can achieve every rotary screen running at the same phase no matter in constant velocity or in variable velocity.

2.Internal sequence function of ED servo.At this application, we use an internal sequence to achieve the manual operation function such as rotary screen separate control, fast forward, slow forward, fast backwards, slow backwards and so on.

3.HMI communicate with ED servo directly.It can control ED servo, set the parameters and monitor the servo status.

4.In this application, the accuracy is less than 0.1mm.

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