The multiple-bucket combination weighing machine is used to weight the material by multiple buckets, and then choose the best combination to make the weighing high accuracy and high speed. 

Before the customer uses Kinco HMI, they used a customize-made HMI from another supplier, this HMI is signal-color display, and few functions but high price. The competitors have already used the color display HMI to update their products, so Yamato also needs a new high-performance HMI for his weighing machine, this HMI must be IP65 protection, and supporting ArcNet communication, because the machine is used in leisure food, medicine, seeds industry, and the main controller of this machine is ArcNet communication. 

According to the customer application, Kinco developed a customized model, which is MT5302T-YMT. This HMI is 65536 colour display, IP65 protection, and Kinco developed the ArcNet driver for Yamato in a very short time. The price is about half of the previous HMI that Yamato used before. 

After using the Kinco HMI to the combination weighing machine, user can switch the English and Chinese operation interface easily and operate the machine just by some graph menus; the HMI also stores about 50 different products’ parameters in recipe area, user can call different parameters according to different products, and change/store the parameters on HMI very easily. Besides the IP65 protection makes the HMI can satisfy the operation condition, and ArcNet communication makes one HMI can control multiple weighing machines. HMI also can communicate and exchange data with the PC.